Regulation for

LT, MD, AG, SR, SK, CLT, ECO, MID, RIO, ESP, ST, PKS & SP are suitable for pumping non-aggressive and non-flammable liquids that follow these directives:
CE Marking Directives observed2006/95/CEE (LVD) Low tension Directive 2004/108/CEE (EMC) Electromagnetic compatibility Directive 2006/42/CE Machines Directive 2002/96/CE (RoHS) Dangerous substance Directive 2002/96/CE (WEEE) Waste of electric and electronic equipment Directive
Declares also that: in accordance with above Directive Marking, “CE” is put on the electrical pump.

Standards applied

EN 60335-2-24 Safety of household and similar electrical appliance – Refrigerators, food freezer & ice maker EN 60335-2-41 Safety of household and similar electrical appliance – Requirement for pumps for liquid having temperature not exceeding 35°C EN 60375-1 Tropical calss EN 60335-1 Safety of household and similar electrical application – General requirements EN 61000 Electromagnetic compatibility EN 60529 (IP) Degree of external protection of the equipment against particles and water.
×The manufacturer of the machine is considered solely responsible for the conformity to the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive of the complete installation. It is forbidden to start the motor-driven pumps until the machine in which it is installed is declared in conformity with the dispositions contained in Machine Directive.